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savoir-faire in e-commerce
depuis 2020

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from paris to the world

Elevated   e-commerce experiences for brands that care about savoir-faire*

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Strategy, web design, development & platform migration

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Rare Champagne

Strategy, web design, development & platform migration

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Château La Verrerie

Strategy, web design & development

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Pastel Cycles
recent clients
E-com Savoir-Faire
we're different, in a good way : )
See how


Expect: good vibes, bespoke solutions, better conversions...
and no f*cking bullshit.

Copyright © NFBS studio
Depuis 2020
from paris to the world
recent clients
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What we do

We help brands to perfect their online presence with kickass, bespoke
e-commerce experiences

As you can tell, we’re pretty damn specialized. We only do the things we're really good at, and we don't do the rest.

If you're a direct-to-consumer brand that cares deeply about savoir-faire, then we've got what you need to elevate your e-commerce presence to the next level.

What we deliver

  • Holistic e-commerce strategy
  • Award-focused design
  • 100% bespoke, custom builds
  • Precise control from design to dev

our clients

We’re proud to have worked with some world-class brands

We’re as discerning in choosing our clients as our clients are in choosing us. This makes for a strong bond, and a high likelihood for great synergy and fit.

Not only are we proud to have worked with some incredible, industry-leading brands, but we’re also thankful to have had (or made) the luck to get to work with amazing, engaging client teams that make all of our day-to-day efforts worthwhile.

good vibes, good people

We’re different, in a good way  

Well, at least that’s what our clients always say... and we happily and humbly agree.

When you work with us at NFBS Studio, you can expect, above all else, a pleasant, bullshit-free experience coupled with legit design, development and strategy chops and a proven, battle-tested process.

This unique recipe of capability, personality and process is our special sauce - it’s what sets us apart, in a world where you generally have to choose between them. And this is what led us to form NFBS Studio.

world-class design
Holistic strategy
100% in-house
Pixel-Perfect dev
Multi-cultural Team
Uncommonly organized
refreshingly pleasant
Digital experience focus
Reliable & punctual
Active visual timelines
Hands-on client training

Recent Work

Some of our recent projects

Pastel Cycles
Château la Verrerie
Rare Champagne

What we Did

Strategy, web design, development & platform migration


Official partnerships & certifications

Brainstation certified
ux design
Notion certified
Webflow certified

Let's connect

Want to know more? Interested in discussing a project? Just want to talk shop? Reach out and say hello : )

we'd love to hear from you :)
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E-commerce elevated.
E-commerce elevated.